pointless stories are kinda my thing.

The girls and I went to Her Majesty’s English Tea Room with some friends from our old school today. It was really nice and the girls had a great time.  They behaved themselves, even Ella, whom I was a bit concerned about.  The tea was a pinkish color and they have blue colored sugar for the girls.  Ella had SO much sugar in her’s that her tea turned a purple color. See below…

This is what happens when you add blue sugar to your cinnamon rose hip tea

It was a nice lunch, but I’m more of a three course meal girl with large platefuls of food. But OMG… the gift shop was to die for and I have decided I’m going to definitely be attending some formal affairs in England very soon.  Help me decide which hat I should buy for the occasion!

A. My personal favorite...

B. The Sailor

C. Lady in Red...

D. BIG ass hat...

E. Minnie Pearl

F. Happy Birthday

G. Mild Mannered

H. Queen Mum

Besides the fabulous hats there were a few other interesting items…

Captive squirrels... go figure.

Harry Potter!

Weird sock monkey hanging from the ceiling...

Bubble gum cocktail weenies.... what more can I say?

Goats on the roof of the Fairie House...

All in all, a VERY good day…


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