Not what I was expecting, but ok, that works too…

So my post yesterday stated I wanted a card for National Mental Illness Week.  My BFF was going to get me the Bloggess’ card, but it was like $4 and that’s way too steep to pay to recognize your mentally ill friend apparently.  But to try to make up for it she sent me these “Blunt Cards” instead.  It’s the thought that counts…

The first one...

The second one...

And the best one, because, hey, it's about poop...

You can find these e-cards and more at Many of them are pretty amusing and a bit too risky even for me to put on here.

Thanks for the recognition, bee-otch!

P.S. Here are the ones I picked for her….

Because it's kind of what we do....


And this one just made me giggle...

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  1. Come on, really $4 for a card when there are literally THOUSANDS of free ones?

    Besides…I liked mine better. More personal. Lol

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