pointless stories are kinda my thing.

I’m risking my life writing this blog, because I know there will be one or two people who are all like, “you said what?!” and then I’ll have some ‘splaining to do… but whatever, if I’m using this blog to bare my life’s soul, then mine as well go all out, ya know?

So I was suppose to go substitute in a specific school district this week, but unfortunately a “situation” occurred causing me to need to stay home.  I’m not going into the details, but to stay true to the general theme of this blog, it has to do with poop.  Bottom line is, I got myself all worked up over it and then got nervous and ended up, well, you know where…

So yesterday I’m talking to my mom, and I tell her I’m just not sure I’m cut out to sub in this district.  I’m having second thoughts… but then there is nothing new, because apparently one of my personality traits is not to be able to make a simple decision… like, “do you want your sandwich on white or wheat?”, to save my soul.

Then irony called to kick me in the teeth.  I got a call from said school district (actually one of the schools in said district) asking if I’d like to come in for an interview.  Hmmm, maybe whatever I tell myself I don’t want or don’t want to do, I’ll just do the opposite… That might work out for me.  Thanks for the slap in the face God.  Burn….


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