pointless stories are kinda my thing.

I took the girls to the mall this weekend to buy them Christmas dresses, and in the process reminded myself why we don’t go shopping together more often.  In all honesty they did pretty good considering they are too big for  strollers and we had to navigate on escalators.  Ella is scared of them, but Lainey is scared of elevators so there isn’t much one can do about it.  Besides the fact that Lainey doesn’t really like going out in public, AT ALL.

We went to Macy’s and found a dress for Ella and a sweater for Lainey, but then Ella needed a sweater to go with her dress, and of course, Lainey needed a dress.  So, we headed down to JC Penney to see what we could find.  Just as we find Lainey a dress, Ella declares she needs to go to the bathroom, RIGHT THAT MINUTE. Ok, so we start walking to the back of the store and it’s like we are moving in slow motion… I look around for Ella and she’s sauntering behind.  I’m like, didn’t you have to go to the bathroom? Yeah. Ok, well, do you think we could maybe get there, like today? Yeah, I’m coming…  Oooo-kay…

finally we get there but you can’t take merchandise into the bathroom with you so Lainey says she’ll stand right outside with the dress, Ella goes in, and I stand at the door listening to her.  Then she insists that she can’t reach the sink to wash her hands, sanitizer will NOT do, and so we take another 5 minutes washing hands and what not…

Finally we make our purchases and head back to Macy’s where there is a Clinique makeup lady waiting for some unsuspecting patron to pounce on.  I give her one look, that says it all, like, seriously lady, if you want to watch my children for 20 minutes while I get a make over go right ahead, but I am not going to be responsible for the impending doom that my youngest will reek on your store.  Did I mention Ella likes to hid in the clothes racks?  Makes for an interesting shopping trip.  100 feet to the door and Ella starts in on how her legs hurt and they won’t work anymore and can’t I just carry her?  She weighs a whooping 50 lbs, so no, I will not carry you.  And they wonder why they don’t ever get to pick out their clothes…

I had to go home and take a nap after that…


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