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So, I actually had to look back at my posts from last September, but yes, yes this has happened before… My children have reached the bottom of the murky caldron of complete and utter insanity just from a simple little thing like having to go back to school.  If it were just the going back to school it might be alright, but when you add visitations, swim lessons, birthdays, choir practice and so much more into the mix… it really makes the murky caldron all that much worse.

Hence, a return to conformity and routine is making a comeback in our house this week.  There is SO much less television it’s almost hilarious… Their father is the food nazi, I am now the TV nazi.  You want to watch TV?  No TV for you!

I just want to loud noises to stop in all honesty.  So instead of doing my homework assignment last night, here is what I did instead.  Turns out it just has to be in paper form for them to think it’s written in stone.  Guess I’m going to have to start sending memos… Yeah, did you get that memo?

This is what happens when they push me over the edge…

And if you want to actually read them… MORNING SCHEDULEEVENING SCHEDULE, and CHORES!